Campaign Issues


Protecting Parents’ Rights

Family is the cornerstone of New Mexican values. It is a shame that Santa Fe politicians are attempting to break the bonds of families through their own extreme agenda, that my opponent has readily signed onto. This agenda has shut parents out of things that they have a right to know, but it is no longer just about what our children are learning in school. Now, those Santa Fe politicians have allowed children to engage in life-changing, life-endangering abortion or transgender procedures without a parent’s knowledge or consent.

They’ve gone way too far. I believe parents know how to raise and educate their children better than the government can, and I will put the power back into the hands of parents who deeply care for their children.


Educating Children Well

We have wonderful educators in this state. I’ve worked alongside teachers and administrators who put in ridiculous hours educating our children. But Santa Fe politicians aren’t rewarding them for their hard work. Instead, they are actually making it more difficult for students to succeed due to piled-on regulations, tests, and even punishing teachers and school professionals with fines if they inform parents on the health, wellness and progress of their child. Where does that leave New Mexico on education? Dead last in the rankings. Education is not one-size-fits all, and I will fight to keep parents involved and to give every student the opportunity to learn in the way that best fits them.

Keeping Us Safe

The safety of my family is one of my primary concerns. I bet you feel the same. Crime is increasing throughout New Mexico and our southern region is no exception. Law enforcement is struggling to maintain staffing levels, and it’s no wonder. Our government hasn't given them any good reason to stay. They’ve stripped them of protections and resources when we need it the most. Our officers in New Mexico need support, funding, and training to do their job and keep crime out of our communities, and I won’t abandon them like Santa Fe politicians have.

Integrity and Hard Work

We New Mexicans are tired of not being able to trust what we are told! Whether it’s a politician giving lip-service, or just not delivering on their promises, we deserve a representative who does what they say they’re going to do. It’s that simple. I’ll fight for you because I care about New Mexico, and I’ll fight because you are worth the work. 


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On November 5, 2024 vote for Elizabeth Winterrowd
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